Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This past weekend we ventured to Hong Kong. We were told that we could send our absentee ballots overnight mail at any FED EX office in Hong Kong. We were most surprised when we walked into their office and found out that they too had heard of this and they had already received several overseas ballots. The best news of all is that this service is absolutely free of charge.

We arranged to take a half day bus tour the day we arrived so we could learn the "lay of the land" before venturing out on our own. We also had the help of a couple of students at UIC.

Susanna (one of the students who visited Augsburg the summer of 2007) and her friend David
told us about a couple of their favorite places. They said we must go to the "Modern Toilet Cafe" for lunch. Even our travel agent friend who lives in HK had never heard of it.

Another friend (Patrick, the travel agent), who is part of a group of people with Minnesota connections arranged for a group hike in the hills surrounding HK. He told us to bring hiking sticks to help fend off the monkeys. We did not believe him until we were surrounded by monkeys. It seems to be a similar problem to the wild donkeys in St John, Virgin Islands. We had to laugh when we came across the sign and cage for "monkey contraception." From the looks of all the monkeys we saw, I do not think the project is very successful.

We took a double decker bus to the famous shopping area called "Stanley Market" but had more fun people watching and riding the bus than the actual shopping. We also managed to purchase "Elder" bus cards that can be used on all public transportation (including ferries to and from HK island and Kawloon). The entire day of travel ended up costing us less than $1.00. I have always loved a good deal.

Going to HK also counted as "leaving the country" so we are good for another 30 days. We got back Monday afternoon in time to prepare for our fitness classes on Tuesday. I am trying to take some photos of my classes and will share them with you on my next blog. Both Doug and I are getting along fine and really enjoy teaching the Chinese students at UIC

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Jane said...

Ya! Keegan agrees those are little beady eyes on the shrimp. And he wants to ask a question: Do you eat the eyes with the shrimp? (Also, what about breakfast? Is Doug still eating his big bowl of cereal?)