Thursday, September 4, 2008

Greetings from Zhuhai!

Our trip to Zhuhai went without a hitch. All of our flights were on time and all of our luggage arrived with us. Our arranged driver met us in Hong Kong and took us to the right hotel where our ferry tickets for the following morning were awaiting us (thanks Patrick). We spent the night in Hong Kong and took the ferry the following morning to Zhuhai where a van from UIC (United International College) was waiting to meet us. We went directly to our "flat" where Sabrina, from the Human Resources Dept was waiting for us. We are located in a gated community called Horizon Cove. We have a very nice three bedroom/2 bath apartment located on the fifth floor of a 9 story building. We have been here less than 24 hrs, but wanted to check in and let everyone know we have arrived safe and sound.

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Jane said...

So happy to hear you arrived safely! You'll have to take photos so we can see what your place looks like. Keegan is working on more Chinese for you! j.