Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Apartment

Here are some photos of our apartment. From top to bottom you will see: the guest BR/Office, master BR, Dining Area/kitchen, Living Rm/deck,View from the master BR deck (yes we have 2). I am still experimenting with this blog stuff so the spacing is off a bit, but wait a few weeks and I'll have it down (thanks to instruction from Nathan Lind at Augsburg).

Yesterday was my birthday (and still is in MN), so I can't figure out if I have gained 2 years in one or lost a year. My friend Jane Helmke says it is like going from "yesterday into tomorrow." So I am celebrating the full 37 hours. We are 13 hrs ahead of MN time.

We toured the campus on Friday, but I did not bring my camera so I will do a campus update later. The new first year students arrive on Monday (about 1,200) for a month of English training before classes begin on the 6th of October. A number of the English teaching assistants are still waiting to get visas into the country, so this could be a real problem. The rules have become much more strict due to the Olympics so it is taking a lot of time to process the visas. We were lucky to get ours. They asked Doug if he would be willing to teach English. He said he would be happy to volunteer as a tutor or TA, but was not qualified to be a teacher. We will see what happens.

We took the Horizon Cove Shuttle to town yesterday and the public bus back. Thanks to Janet Moldstad's (a professor from Bethany Lutheran in MN who was here Spring semester)instructions we were able to find the right bus # to return since we just missed the shuttle. We decided never to go shopping again on a Saturday. It gives new meaning to the word CROWDED. Of course we have never been any other day so maybe it will be the same.

Stayed turned as we continue the adventure.

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tasmania said...

WOW looks just like your kind of place. I wish we could come and visit. Have you found a good run route while there? Also, will you be renting bikes (I don't think you brought yours, did you?) You guys should see what it would take to go swimming in the Olympic pool in Beijing. Wouldn't that be fun! Keegan is 8 years old today. Last night we told Keegan that his and Joyce's birthdays were occurring simultaneously--isn't that cool! And of course, I remain very interested in your food options and what you are eating.
All went well with our RNC renters. We moved back home Friday night and are still re-sorting our stuff today. Thanks again for your help! Think of you often. Love T, J, K and G