Wednesday, September 10, 2008

United International College

Doug and I have been in Zhuhai just over a week. We have been getting organized and trying to learn as much about UIC as we can since we are planning to spend the next four months here. I have already been assigned an office, had a computer installed and met many of the staff. Although classes do not begin until Oct 6th the first year students arrived last Monday for a month of English training before the official start of school.

The parents of the first year students attended several seminars the first few days which ended with the college hosting them at a "High Table Dinner" last Tuesday. I was invited as an honored guest and asked to sit at the head table. The program was entirely in Chinese since many of the parents do not speak English. As the MC was introducing the members of the head table, I knew it was my turn to stand when I heard the words MINNESOTA and AUGSBURG COLLEGE. The 8 people at the head table were all dressed in "academic garb" (which UIC provided) and we all had to go around the room giving toasts and having photos taken with the parents. It was a fun and exciting way to begin my final year of teaching.


UIC (United International College) is a 4 year liberal arts college founded jointly by Bejing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University. All classes are to taught in English. It is located in Zhuhai, China (just East of Hong Kong and North of Macau). The school is beginning it's 4th year (fall 2008) and will have approximately 3,300 students attending. This Fall 1,200 new first year students are expected and they will be graduating their first class of 270 students Spring of 2009. The plan is to keep enrollment at approximately 4,000 which they should reach next fall (2009).

At the present time the majority of students come from mainland China but the intention is to recruit more international students to realize a goal of about 50/50 (international/Chinese). The student body is approximately 60% female/40% male. Although UIC has 13 different majors, 50% of the students are majoring in Business.

Tuition at UIC is approximately 44,000 RMB or approximately $6,500 per year.


Jane said...

Now, you're in China for barely a week, and already you have an office with a window! Love all the pictures. Teresa and Grace loved talking with you on Skype this morning (your evening), but I was trying to have a conference call on the regular phone line and it felt like they were yelling into the computer! Very funny! Lots of love, j.

tasmania said...

all those who wish to comment--just sign up for an account and you're in! This is nifty--leave it to our seniors to keep us hip on technology!

Ron said...

Dear J & D, Kathy and I just opened your Sept 10 blog. Thanks for accurate birth date. Happy Birthday! Enjoyed photos and text of your first week or so at UIC. You office and flat look quite workable and livable. My questions are same as service, nearby markets, hiking/running/biking routes, and chances for Doug to lead seminars, touring, and experiencing the language and culture of your area in China. Kathy seems to have successfully plugged me into the blog with opportunities to respond. All else going well. Good luck! Ron & Kathy

Kathleen said...

Ni Hou and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival --

China Holiday --
Mid-Autumn Festival (15th of the eighth month)

It is second only to the Chinese New Year in significance. The moon on this day is the fullest and largest to the eye. Viewing it by the whole family while feasting on good wine, fruits and moon-cakes features the night event. There is also a beautiful story behind it. Children are told that there's fairy on the moon living in a spacious but cold crystal palace with her sole companion, a jade rabbit. A heavenly general and friend would occasionally pay her a visit, bringing along his fragrant wine. She would then dance a beautiful dance. The shadows on the moon made the story all the more credible and fascinating to the young imaginative minds.

It is wonderful to see your smiling face in China. All your friends at Augsburg are enjoying your pics and wishing you well.

Please let me know if you need anything on this end. Kathleen

mack said...

Hi D & J, I love your blog! It is wonderful to see where you are and what you are doing! Kind of reminds me of SSB communication! Do you need a nurse to come visit ? Please keep the info coming and TAKE CARE!
Hugs to you both, C/J