Sunday, September 21, 2008

Horizon Cove

Horizon Cove is a gated community where many of the Faculty and Staff of UIC live. Our "flat" is on the 5th floor overlooking a park and a pond.

As you can see from the photos we have an indoor/outdoor pool as well as a wonderful fitness room and many walking paths surrounding the community.

Both Doug and I have been busy getting organized for the beginning of school. Classes officially start on Oct 6th. We have been working on setting up a fitness center for the UIC community and have been checking out possible equipment and prices. Hopefully we can get something up and running before we head back in January.

We are also organizing a "Fitness Challenge" between the faculty and staff at UIC and AUGSBURG. Everyone is excited about the upcoming challenge and the organization of a fitness program. Doug is working on a webpage and we are hoping to get many of the faculty and staff at UIC involved and working out. The AUGGIES are in trouble since the Chinese do not like to lose. I know Carol Enke (Augsburg's Faculty/Staff fitness coordinator) does not like to lose either so LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!

Many folks have been asking us about the food, so the next blog will cover what we are and are not eating.


carole said...

HI J/D, WOW! What a great place! Are you sure you are in China? When can we sign on---me as nurse and John as educator ? How about including your friends in the Fitness Challenge...we would love to join! Take care,xoxo,C/J

Kathleen said...

Looks like you and Doug have found your China groove and are fitting right into the UIC scene. Auggies beat the Ollies for Homecoming this weekend so everyone is pumped. Bring on the Challenge!